Think tank

Trim2 and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna are committed to a joint permanent lab for developing researches on a wide stream of topics.


A cooperation agreement was signed on April, 2016 between Trim2 and Dirpolis (Sant’Anna Institute of Law, Politics and Development).

More information can be found at dedicated website

Think Tank mission is to create a platform that fosters the debate and communication amongst enterprise, academic world and financial institutions.

Thanks to cooperation agreement, alumni and our team, including prominent testimonial and experts, Trim2 has settled a permanent observatory to deliver on a regular basis insights, research on a wide range of social and economic topics.

think tank okOur goals are to achieve high standards of academic excellence, build collaborative networks and inform and encourage public debate by disseminating economic knowledge and research results. Through seminars, events and publications, we want to bring together internationally recognized economic experts and businessmen to create a “forum” allowing us to tackle emerging cultural, political and economic problems.

Results of researches and case studies are reported in our publications to be shared share with Trim2 community.


Our goal is to drive Trim2’s clients through a comprehensive journey, offering a complete service in the study and realization of industrial projects that have an impact on the financial structure of the company, at an equity and debt level.



Trim2 welcomes the opportunity of investing in the capital of the companies for which it works for, if the necessary conditions apply.
The entry in the capital of a company can be considered by Trim2 as a complementary form of compensation…