Just a small effort can be worth a smile, a life, a family: the future

Trim2 is committed to give a contribution to the needs of the community in which we live and work. We are actively involved in social impact work and we wish to sustain our community by creating shared value.

  • Trim2 by-law states to donate 10% of its yearly earnings to a no-profit organisation;
  • Every employee is requested to dedicate 10% of their working hours to support pro-bono initiatives.

We consider our commitment as a duty to return investments to our society, addressing an essential need and bringing back something to the community.

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We encourage and stimulate creativity, an essential skill to deliver state of the art services. That is why at Trim2 we highly value art, the purest form of creativity.
Our offices are located in a unique location, overlooking Piazza Signoria.



The experience and quality of our team enables us to deliver a superior quality service. Our consultants have a mature deep knowledge of a wide range of industry sectors including (FMCG, services, luxury, chemistry, etc.).



Thanks to all the years of experience in this sector, we have developed a network of relationships with the most prominent figures in a wide range of industries. This network allows Trim2 to offer the highest quality of service.