We encourage and stimulate creativity, an essential skill to deliver state of the art services. That is why at Trim2 we highly value art, the purest form of creativity.

Artists create something that is the synthesis of environment’s observation, their perceptions and momentum, gathered by passion. In some way same principles inspire us at Trim2.

We get comfort from consolidate artists and we look to supporting emerging ones: art is the link of times.


Trim2 Headquarter – Florence, Palazzo del Leone

Our offices are located in Palazzo del Leone, Piazza Signoria, in the heart of Florence. Piazza Signoria represented the meeting point of world business and culture since the times of Lorenzo de’ Medici.

Built in 1871, Palazzo del Leone was built in an historical location once the center of the renowned Loggia dei Pisani in respect of Florentine’s Renaissance magical age.

Nowadays Palazzo del Leone is the headquarter of companies that want to outline their added value in culture’s belief and their ties within the history of city and renaissance.


Susan Kare

Our services are customized according to the needs of our clients; we like to distinguish ourselves from the typical standardized service that anyone could offer.

It is for this reason that we approached the pinnacle of graphic design and mother of the Mac’s original icons, Susan Kare.

Susan studied and designed a set of personalized icons for Trim2 to enable us to deliver the best service in the best format.


Trim2 has a strong commitment to the needs of the community in which we live and work. We are actively involved in social impact work and we work to increase the capabilities of our partners in the social sectors in order to sustain our community…



The experience and quality of our team enables us to deliver a superior quality service. Our consultants have a mature deep knowledge of a wide range of industry sectors including (FMCG, services, luxury, chemistry, etc.).



Thanks to all the years of experience in this sector, we have developed a network of relationships with the most prominent figures in a wide range of industries. This network allows Trim2 to offer the highest quality of service.