Our goal is to drive Trim2’s clients through a comprehensive journey, offering a complete service in the study and realization of industrial projects that have an impact on the financial structure of the company, at an equity and debt level.

Each project we undertake must create value to the company and its shareholders; we want this value to be integrated into the company and therefore be durable in the long run. Trim2’s values are based on independence, intellectual honesty and transparency. We provide competence, aware that competence is made up of: expertise in project management, in finance and in specific industrial sectors and functional areas of business. Our partners’ expertise comes from years of experience in this field, having worked for top management positions in international companies in a wide range of sectors. We believe that each project we work on can be carried forward in an innovative way and with fresh new ideas. We always aim to achieve something bigger, without repeating what has been done in the past. To obtain projects, we make a network available of international partners that have already worked with us and share our values and work approach. Moreover, if required, we can provide the help of the most qualified firms, with the necessary knowledge of a wide range of sectors: fiscal, legal, contractual, intellectual property, etc.

M&A and M&A&O

Trim2, combining its transactional expertise with a deep knowledge of specific industry sectors, supports its clients in achieving their strategic and financial objectives. We support clients in all phases of the transaction – before, during and after – to ensure deals are aligned with the corporate structure and full potential is achieved. Our services encompass the structuring of the deal, the evaluation of potential alternatives and the assistance in the negotiation and closure of the deal. Moreover, to ensure the process runs smoothly, we provide support in the after-deal phase, tailoring the integration process and governance mechanisms.

Corporate Restructuring

Trim2 provides support to those companies that need an organizational restructuring. Reorganization operations can be really complex and often fail to deliver the change needed. We help companies in making sure the organizational changes will have their desired effect, supporting management in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Leveraging the technical expertise of our team, Trim2 supports its clients in identifying the organization’s key decisions to be made, determining where in the organization those changes are needed and equipping the company’s managers to make decisions quickly and effectively. Thanks to this process our clients will be able to unlock full potential and to master change.

Debt Fund Raising

Trim2 provides expertise in debt fund raising operations thanks to its strong relationships with many sources of capital including banks, private equity firms, finance companies, etc. Our team supports its clients by elaborating a study of the feasibility of the operation, developing the financial strategy, drafting the financial models and the sensitivity analysis and coordinating the closing of the operation.

International Development

Leveraging the network of international partners, Trim2 provides support to those companies that are seeking to expand their businesses abroad. We help clients in developing sustainable growth strategies, bringing a range of functional and industry expertise. Thanks to this network, developed throughout all the years of experience in each sector, we can make available the most qualified companies in any industry.

Private Equity Support

We offer support in the processes of acquisition, divestiture and strategic alliances, with the objective to maximize the value of the transaction for both parties, the buy-side and the sell-side. Working alongside with companies and Private Equity Funds and thanks to our constant support to the decisional process of the operation, we offer innovative solutions that make the whole process smoother.

Business and Financial Planning

We support our clients in planning their future strategies, identifying and setting financial and operating targets that will be used to evaluate the performance of the company. Our team will work closely with the management of the company to ensure that the process of planning and implementation will be executed according to the plan established and that the goals pursued are perfectly aligned with the corporate structure and identity.


Our mission is to create a platform that fosters the debate and communications among institutions, state governments, public and private sectors.
Thanks to our strong team of scholars, made by some of the most prominent analysts…



Trim2 welcomes the opportunity of investing in the capital of the companies for which it works for, if the necessary conditions apply.
The entry in the capital of a company can be considered by Trim2 as a complementary form of compensation…


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